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Long Island Quality Tuning

We are still a growing business, looking to expand and provide quality customer care to our customers.

We can do anytihng from simple to complex, if you are looking for someone to bring your car to and have it done professionaly, this is the spot, we are located on Long Island, NY.

We also specialize in Custom ECU Tuning on your Vehicle, you tell us the mods you have on your car and we can write a custom file for your car, it wont be done till your completely satisfied with the way your car runs.

We Do More Than You Think!

Services & Installs

Intercooler Installs
Timing Belt Service
Meth Injection Install
N2MB WOT Box Installs

Tuning & Turbos

ECU Tuning For any Audi/VW With Wideband AFR
(both custom and pretuned flashable software)
E85 (ethanol) Tuning Available
Engine Swaps
(2.7T Audi S4 motors in Audi A4's)
Turbo Upgrades/Installs
(including full turbo kit installs)
Clutch/Transmission Installs/Rebuilds
Custom Exhausts (turboback-catback)

Transmission & Fabrication

Audi/VW Transmission Rebuilding
Fabrication of Intercoolers, Exhausts
Custom Turbo Kit Fabrication
Custom Clutch Kits and Discs

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